Moving Out Vs. Staying Home

I moved out of home when I was 18 and loved it until about a year ago when I decided to travel to America for a month. Moving home at the time was the best thing for myself as I saved so much but lately Ive been thinking about moving out again and what that would mean.

So I’ve compiled the list below to hopefully help both you and myself decide what the best decision might be!

Pros of moving out

  • Your own space
  • Freedom to do what you want without explanation
  • Cook what you want
  • No need to share spaces
  • Getting to redesign rooms
  • Walking around the house in your undies
  • Make your own creative spaces
  • Helps you grow up/become a little more mature

Cons of moving out

  • The money you need to spend (rent, electricity, water etc.)
  • It can get lonely
  • Harder to motivate yourself without someone else there
  • It can be a little scary
  • Roommates can be hard to handle
  • You are going to miss your parents
  • Harder to travel when you still need to pay rent each week

I hope this clears things up a little for you guys, I know it’s helped me to write it all down in one place. Just remember that moving out is a great adventure and no matter what decision you make there will be pros and cons either way.



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