Product Review – Nike Air Max

Firstly I would like to say I love the look of these shoes. There a little chunkier then most and look like they have tones of cushion in them… But they really don’t; the  top is made of a leather with minimal padding around the toes and the back heel area is a little high and gave me blisters. In all honesty, I have only warn them twice and they could be comfier when they have been warn in but ill let you know.

They are a little heavy to run in but to take my pup for a walk or jog they are super great. Training is really easy in them also as the soul is large and absorbs a lot of the impact.

All in all I am glad my feet are super small that I could fit into the larger children’s sizes so that the price was cut in half (the only good thing about small feet).

I hope this was super helpful for all you guys looking for a new pair of trainers! let me know your favourite pair cause I really need some to run in.

I hope to see you all on my other social media sites and as always a follow back โค


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